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Celox Standard

We produce all of our cutters in steel or aluminium and manage to produce cutter heads up to ø425 mm.

We prefer to deliver the cutter heads with knives mounted and grinded from our factory. The cutter heads are ready and can be mounted in the planing machine directly. To get the best cutting surface and longest life time we recommend our Kanefusa ST1 knives.  


There are many advantages with cutter heads in aluminium.

  • The weight is more than 50% less compared to steel. 
  • The light weight is helpfull for the operators to avoid injuries by handling them.
  • It is better for the spindles and bearings in the machines.
  • We always use serrated knives which makes the positioning of the knifes much easier and safer.
  • If you use serrated knives the number of screws for fixing is reduced. The positioning is much faster.

Tightning torques:

  • Regular knives 25 Nm (M10 screw) or 40 Nm (M12 screw) in steel body
  • Serrated knives (4 mm) 25 Nm (M10 or M12 screw) in steel or aluminium body
  • Release nippel (M10x1) close at 2 Nm. If nippel has to be changed tighten at 12-14 Nm. 



Celox Standard